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Hope is the promise the imagination makes to the mind
Faith is the promise Life makes to the heart and to the soul.



Birth into a family of French-speaking industrialists, the eldest of 4 children. Education at the Mont-Olivet Catholic Institute in Lausanne.


Federal Maturity, Latin option.


Degree in Political Science at the University of Geneva.

1983, 1985, 1989 et 1994

Births of Séverine, Ivan, Maud and Camille.


Death of my father at the age of 56. 1988-2003: Catechesis at the Catholic Parish of St. Etienne in Lausanne.

1988 - 2003

Catechesis at the Catholic Parish of St. Etienne in Lausanne.

1990 - 1993

Courses at IESA (Institute of Studies graduate of Art, Paris, France).

1995 - 2005

Member then vice-president of APEC (Association of Parents of Students at Collège Champittet in Lausanne, Switzerland).

1998 - 2021

Founding Member and Partner of Brustlein & Cie, Epalinges, Switzerland. Development of philanthropic activities in Switzerland and abroad (education, integrating social, research medical, support the cause animal as well as the environment, and research in the renewable energy). Management of projects in institutional communication and member of Board of companies (

2002 - 2016

Member, then President since 2006 of the Ladies'Lunch in Lausanne (
2016 - Present: Honorary President.

2002 - 2017

Board Member of Sport and Solidarity Foundation, Foundation for the Disabled, Lausanne, Switzerland (

2005 - 2016

Founding Member and member of the Board of Jan and Oscar Foundation, Grandvaux, Switzerland (

2006 - 2017

Board Member of the International Foundation for Population and Development (IFPD), Lausanne, Switzerland (
2008 - Present: Goodwill Ambassador to the Foundation Board.

2008 ... A decisive year!

My husband - from whom I separated I few years ago - was hit by the "Madoff Affair." His resilience mechanisms and deep personal work allowed him to rebuild himself. On my end, I professionalized my activities and offered my services as a consultant in institutional communications, focused on projects for the greater good.

2009 - 2015

Board Member of IRP - International Foundation for Research in Paraplegia, Geneva, Switzerland (

2010 - 2014

Board Members at the Foundation for Early Childhood Psychiatry, Lausanne, Switzerland (

2011 - 2018

IRP - International Foundation for Research in Paraplegia, Geneva, Switzerland. Mandate for institutional communications and fundraising (

2012 - Present

Member, then President since 2014 of the Board of Directors of CONINCO Explorers in finance SA, Vevey, Switzerland ( My activity within the Board of Directors allows me to develop new skills in other circles, reinforcing and amplifying my impact in my various foundations and mandates as a consultant. This was confirmed when I became President of the Board of Directors of CONINCO Explorers in finance SA in 2014.

Board Member of the Pestalozzi Foundation, Zürich, Switzerland (

2012 - 2015

USPI Vaud Foundation, Lausanne, Switzerland. Mandate related to the communication strategy (

2013 - Present

Founding member of the Association of Swiss Friends of the Ban ObOun Dog Shelter in Thailand, President of the Association and Godmother of the shelter (

Board Member: One Nature Foundation, Vevey, Switzerland (

2014 - 2015

Special Olympics World Games Los Angeles 2015. Camp President of the Special Olympics Switzerland delegation, Lausanne, Switzerland (

2015 - Present

Special Council from of the OMCT (

Fondation FondaMental Suisse (

2016 - Present

Ambassador, Development of Sustainable and Philantropic Competence of Banque Piguet Galland (

2017 - 2022

Sponsor of the Lionel Perrier Fund for medical research against brain cancer within the Honorary Committee (

Board Member of the Antenna Foundation, Geneva, Switzerland, (

2017 - 2020

Ambassador of the Swiss Fashion Museum, MuMode, Yverdon, Switzerland ( ).

2017 - Present

Ambassador of the Rencontres du 7e Art Lausanne chaired by Vincent Perez ( ).

2018 - Present

Goodwill ambassador of JBF Finance SA, 1066 Buchillon (

2019 - Present

Member of the Board of the Special Olympics Foundation, 3063 Ittigen, Switzerland (

Board Member of The Rousseau Foundation, 10105 New York, USA (

2019 - 2020

Director on the Board of Directors of Ateliers GEC Sarl, 1800 Vevey, Switzerland (

2019 - Present

Member of the Steering Committee, Swiss Who's Who, 1052 Le Mont-sur-Lausanne, Switzerland ( ).

Founding Member and member of the Executive Circle of the Spirit of Humanity Forum Geneva, Switzerland ( ).

2021 - Present

Founding Member Tiffany Circle Switzerland, Swiss Red Cross, 3001 Berne, Switzerland ( )

Member of the Advisory Board of Ecole 42, Ecole d'Informatique et de Codage, 1020 Renens, Switzerland ( )

2022 - Present

Vice-President of the Circle of Friends of the Chaplin Museum Foundation, 1800 Vevey, Switzerland (

Ambassador for the Antoine de Saint Exupéry Foundation for the Youth (Fondation Antoine de Saint Exupéry pour la Jeunesse) (FASEJ), Paris, France (

Swiss Ambassador SHE Changes Climate, Geneva, Switzerland ( Member of the Patronage Committee for the Barryland Thematic Park, Fondation Barry du Grand-St. Bernard, Martigny, Suisse (

2023- Present

Cyber peace Ambassador for the CyberPeace Institute, Geneva, Switzerland (

2024- Present

Godmother of the Fondation de Ribaupierre-Graz, Lausanne, Switzerland. (

Biographical References

The following publications cast my commitment to a very wide network, and to that I am grateful!

What is beauty, if not coherence?

A close friend recently gifted me the biography of a remarkable woman, Goliarda Sapienza, and the summary of the jacket included by these few words: "What is beauty, if not coherence?" This little phrase, innocuous in appearance, has slowly crept inside me, ultimately influencing me to create a platform, a website! A website where, to promote other’s initiatives, we must – in the name of coherence! – also give in and agree at some point to speak of oneself…

A place of convergence for my commitments, where I can launch my projects, but also a place to cast a light on those endeavours brought on by people, be them close or distant, whose approach touches me and appears to me as being important, necessary, essential! Projects – conducted by individuals, foundations or non-profit organisations – which goal must be, without any exception and uncompromisingly so, always noble!

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