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In Search of Meaning to Align Mind, Heart … and Hands!

From the mind to the heart, the path should be direct! 
Yehudi Menuhin

By their extreme simplicity, these few words summarise and embody better than long speeches, what should be the alignment between thoughts and acts, concepts and their resonance through “doing”!

The notion of “Giving Back”, a value strongly anchored in the Anglo-Saxon altruistic tradition, and which has no real translation in our French language, admirably underlies the fact that we have all already “received” one day!

As the young Persian-American author Emily Esfahani Smith so aptly puts it in her book on the quest for meaning, “The Power of Meaning” (Broadway Books, 2017)… “There is more to life than being happy”!

Treat yourself to 12 minutes of the most precious time there is – yours! – to listen to her latest TED Talk, during which she brilliantly demonstrates that while we all seek Happiness, the true meaning of Life is found in serving a cause greater than ourselves, thus leading us to develop the best part of ourselves to achieve it. This is what allows us to realise ourselves fully, and to reach a form of plenitude that is alike Happiness – and even surpasses it!

TED Talk – There is more to life than being happy


It is however true that Life is generous – at least in appearance – with some, and rather stingy for others …

The fall season is, more than any other time of the year, rich in various charitable events.

This Newsletter aims to talk about them and to entice you to be part of them, or at least to learn about these causes that appeal to us! Perhaps you will become their ambassadors if they have touched you … that’s already Giving Back means!

Those of you who have been following me over the years know that I have been very involved in the causes of …

What is more recent for me is my presence in the world of culture, which is truly one of the lungs of our balance in our daily life!

I have the joy of being closely involved, for several months now, with the MuMode – Swiss Fashion Museum – which is organizing an evening on November 30th to celebrate its 35th anniversary under the High Patronage of Mr. Hubert de Givenchy (as Ambassador of the MuMode and President of the Support Committee)!

Beyond this anniversary, the challenge will be to allow the MuMode to take a well-deserved path thanks to its exceptional collections, to quickly take its full place in the Swiss museum landscape!

New projects, led by beautiful people, have also found their way to me!

I have chosen to highlight, in the section Regards (“Gaze”), the extraordinary journey of Melissa Matteucci, founder of the IWA Kep – International Women Association Kep for the benefit of Cambodian women, whom I “sponsor“!

Under our latitudes, Cerebrum brings a solid and effective help to the people concerned by brain tumours. Hats off to all those who allow doctors and scientists to work hard and rigorously in the search for preventive therapies, and also to those who surround people affected by brain tumours and who are confronted daily by the disastrous effects of this disease!

THANK YOU for supporting Vincent’s project!

The Shared Times- Press section lists some recent articles that testify to the socially responsible conscience of the press that puts Philanthropy among the major issues of our society!

To close this Newsletter, the “Wandering Time” section offers you to register for a unique 10-day intensive training course to discover everything you ever wanted to know and discover about the management of an non-profit organisation or foundation, whether it is  cultural, social or sports-oriented!

As many beautiful projects as there are beautiful people …

It’s up to us to know which way of giving back echoes with our DNA, our coherence and our aspirations, and when will be the right moment to align …

                                              Mind, Heart … and Hands!


Biographical references

This year, the following publications have relayed my commitment to a very large network, and I am grateful to them!

–    Swiss Who’s Who
–    International Biographical Centre, Cambridge, England

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