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EDITORIAL – September 2016

I am European !


The bloody upheavals that have plunged our old Europe into chaos for months have brought out, in addition to indignation and compassion, the awareness of a European identity that is the primary and ultimate anchor of our societies.

As Europeans, we are intimately linked to the history of our civilization, to its culture based on the values of Humanism as developed by the Greek philosophers, to its rules established by Roman law to define “Living together” in the respect of individual rights, to its Judeo-Christian heritage which teaches “How to love the Other” by the yardstick of the Love of a God who is nothing but infinite Love…

To echo the famous quote of President John Fitzgerald Kennedy upon his arrival in West Germany, during the Cold War, “Ich bin Berliner!”, I strongly reaffirm “I am European! “… and I dare to say at the same time “I am the migrant mother with her children crossing the Mediterranean for safer shores, I am the Jewish mother crying for a son who died in battle, I am the Palestinian from the Gaza Strip, I am the oppressed woman of so many regimes that flout the basic rights of women, I am a woman among millions of others in an Indian slum and I am fighting so that my children have access to health care and education…

Let’s dare SPEAK, BE and DO together!

temps fort 09 16

Here is a wonderful project carried by the IFPD Foundation of which I am Board member, and whose motto ” Strong Women, Strong communities ” showcases its ambition ( !

Thank you for your support at our side, indispensable, crucial, a precious “drop of water” in an ocean that would not be the same if it did not exist!

Let us not be blinded by obscurantism and fear… only an approach based on Altruism will allow us to change our perspective and to find the three dimensions of a true Humanity.

Many journalists of the French-speaking press had this particular outlook, imbued with Humanity and Altruism, highlighting some of my favourites projects, and I am infinitely grateful to them! (Articles in 24 Heures, Agefi, Trajectoire and Lausanne Guide)

I invite you to read the moving testimony of a young father whose partner and mother of their 17-month-old son was one of the victims of the Bataclan attack: “Vous n’aurez pas ma haine” (You won’t have my hate), Antoine Leiris, Ed. Fayard.

Also take the time to watch this video on European identity which, despite the first images that I disapprove of, nevertheless reminds us of some truths to keep in mind!

… as well as this speech given by Emmanuel Faber, CEO of Danone, at the HEC Paris graduation ceremony last June!

Finally, an excellent book on women’s rights, and more specifically on women at work: “LEAN IN, Women, work and the will to lead”, written by Sheryl Sandberg, COO of Facebook, published by WH Allen. Inspiring for everyone!

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