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Ladies’ Lunch Lausanne

December 2021

“The Ladies’Lunch Lausanne (LLL) is a non-profit association established 30 years ago. During a sit-down lunch organized twice a year in Spring and Autumn at Lausanne Palace, our privileged partner, the LLL brings together about 280 women, active in various circles, eager to contribute to local solidarity actions. Half the price of lunch goes to the charity of the day, carefully selected by the LLL committee. Over the years, the choice fell on foundations, associations and individuals whose work carried out in the French-speaking part of Switzerland seemed to deserve particular support.

Combined with a privileged moment of meetings and discussions, the lunches are open to all and serve to promote the cause defended by the selected charity and to give it the funds raised thanks to our generous partners and donors. These lunches also allow small and medium-sized associations and foundations to gain visibility and to be able to forge links between them in order to foster possible collaboration. To participate in the lunches, all you have to do is register via the website

In 30 years of existence, the LLL has donated more than CHF 2.5 million to local charities in need and for which the sum donated has made a difference and allowed them to move forward. It is thanks to the very generous help of its loyal partners that the LLL can go even further in its action.

The current committee is very grateful to Mrs. Carmela Lagonico, founder, former president and honorary president, for having created such a tool of mutual aid. The committee would like as well to thank Mrs. Dominique Brustlein, former member of the committee, former president and honorary president for having contributed to the success of the LLL and for having institutionalized it in the local economic fabric.”

Cédrine Vonovier, Member of the LLL Committee, Decembre 2021

November 2017

Member since 2002, President between 2006 and 2016, today Honorary President of Ladies’Lunch Lausanne, this important energy of solidarity with deep local roots holds a special place in my heart !

Ladies’Lunch Lausanne, a philanthropic society created in 1991, organizes two lunches a year aimed at raising funds to support any Foundation or a charitable society which action of solidarity, mainly in French- speaking Switzerland, deserves special encouragement. At each event, 300 participants gather among a network of nearly 4,000 women.

To this day, Ladies’ Lunch Lausanne has distributed approximately CHF 2,500,000, allowing for nearly 70 charities to realize specific projects and expand their impact significantly. You are invited to visit our regularly updated website, which explains the scope of our actions and the wide variety of subjects treated.

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With Carmela Lagonico

Thanks to my many years of involvement in the Ladies’ Lunch Lausanne, I had the chance to see this network develop and its good actions multiply!

What beautiful encounters and emotions have marked this path … yet another landmark was the creation of a memorial book at the occasion of our 50th lunch, “Women in Action for 25 years!”

I you share below the preface of this book, that you can order through the purchase order attached:


” It is with emotion that we present you this book !

Ladies’ Lunch Lausanne (abbreviated LLL) was created 25 years ago to be a place of meetings and sharing for women coming from a wide variety of circles, eager to enrich themselves from intergenerational exchanges, and whose rally cry can be summed up in a single word: solidarity !

From the outset, this solidarity has manifested itself at the rate of two lunches per year, each of them being dedicated to a particular cause. This has allowed us, over time, to finance actions chosen with care, aimed at all the ages and responding to a variety of causes for distress – preferably those which are poorly known, even stigmatized.

This book you will discover does not offer a specific report of each one of our 61 projects supported during of our 50 latest events – including 49 lunches and an evening to celebrate our 20 years !

It does not claim to offer a comprehensive overview of all the causes – foundations or societies-, we have chosen to support throughout these 25 years ! (although the index at the end of this book does display each one of them).

The one and only purpose of this book, through a beautiful photo reportage annotated with short texts devoted to each of these projects, was made to communicate with you the joy that it has been to dedicate ourselves, tirelessly, to the task!

Our one and only goal, through this book, is to express our deep gratitude to all the links in the chain who have enabled us to distribute more than 2 million Swiss francs in a quarter of a century to these 61 lucky beneficiaries!

And our most fervent wish is that this chain of solidarity will continue to grow for the next 25 years, thanks to all of you, and that this joy remains!

Carmela Lagonico – Founder and Honorary President Ladies’Lunch Lausanne, Geneva, Zurich Dominique Brustlein – President Ladies’Lunch Lausanne
And all their friends who have continued to work at their sides within the Committee of Ladies’ Lunch Lausanne! ” 

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