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EDITORIAL – March 2016

How difficult it is to prioritize the causes we wish to support, when all of them deserve our attention!

How delicate it is indeed to convince without shocking, when it is as much a matter of raising awareness as of awakening consciences on other realities…

How to please everyone by affirming that every human being, whether Christian, Jewish, Muslim, Buddhist or Hindu, deserves the same compassion and brotherly love?

The harsh reality shows us that human life does not have the same price, whether it is a Somali or an American, a Jew or a Palestinian, a refugee or a non-refugee ….

These questions have been making the headlines for months and are of concern to us!

Temps fort mars16

To make one step after the other while keeping the course is engrained in our human strength …. Not to be dismayed when you are reproached for your commitment in favour of suffering animals in Thailand while so many human beings are suffering there, to which I retort that I am just as committed to a Foundation that is active in the same location for the disadvantaged children! Then comes the unstoppable argument that it would be much better to concentrate on the distresses that are close to us in our direct environment, to which I reply that I am also committed to it! Reproaching spirits have never been among those who build a better world !

One step after the other, day after day, to climb the mountain and, once at the top, to continue to climb!

More than ever, we need « leaven in the dough », a concrete anchor that allows us to activate another look towards the Other « to learn the trade of living by developing our capacity for happiness and altruism »!

I am referring to Matthieu Ricard, whom I had the pleasure of meeting a few months ago, and who has just written a treatise on Wisdom with three voices, together with the philosopher Alexandre Jollien and the physician and psychiatrist Christophe André.

« Trois Amis en Quête de Sagesse » ( L’Iconoclaste, Allary Editions) , or “In Search of Wisdom: A Monk, a Philosopher, and a Psychiatrist on What Matters Most”, in English, which I invite you to devour without moderation!

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