Member of Boards of Directors – Institutional Communications Consultant

IRP Foundation (2011-2018)

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September 2023
With Jocelyne Bloch and Grégoire Courtine
November 2018

Since 2011, I have been supporting the International Paraplegia Research Foundation (IRP) in its corporate communications and fundraising, in particular by organising and chairing the “Evenings of Hope”.

The IRP has been working for over 20 years to ensure that paraplegia is no longer a fatality by funding research projects, grants for post-doctoral students and a special prize for research in Switzerland and around the world, selected by a specialised scientific committee made up of international experts.

For more information on the Foundation’s recent activities, as well as the latest developments in research, you can go directly to their latest «Neuronews ».

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With Jocelyne Bloch, Grégoire Courtine et Philippe Boissonnas
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