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December 2017 - 2022
With Denis Von Der Weid, Founder of the Antenna Foundation, in December 2021.

The Antenna Foundation is a Swiss non-profit foundation recognised as being of public utility. It was created 30 years ago in Geneva by Denis von der Weid. The Foundation is committed to scientific research and the dissemination of innovative solutions that meet the basic needs of the most disadvantaged. To this end, Antenna collaborates with an international network of scientists on research projects in the fields of nutrition, water and hygiene, agroecology, medicine, energy and microcredit.

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The objective? To find local, low-tech, low-cost solutions to improve access to essential needs for the most vulnerable. An ambitious mission supported by committed people and strong partners.

Denis von der Weid, President and Founder of Antenna says of her friend: “Dominique joined the Foundation’s board in 2017 and puts her energy and passion at the service of this noble cause. Very committed to this mission, she takes her role particularly to heart and tries whenever possible to highlight Antenna’s actions and to forge links with potential partners”.

The activity reports can be downloaded from the website by clicking on the link below:

Annual reports

For more information on Antenna’s work on public health

As well as the Public Health leaflets in French and English:
Solutions for public health in french
Solutions for public health in english

And also the interview on Radio Cité Genève on 15/11/21


November 2017

During the fall of 2017, I joined the Board of Antenna Foundation to the request of my friend Denis von der Weid who is the founder, the inspiration, and the moving soul of this organization! Antenna is a Swiss foundation committed to scientific research and the dissemination of technological, economic, and medical solutions to meet the essential needs of the most vulnerable communities.

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The work of the Antenna Foundation cannot be reduced to a mere list of activities in a dozen countries and 60 unique projects carried by hundreds of employees…  for more than 25 years, it has been putting in practice a pioneering vision of research and dissemination of technologies to meet the essential needs of the poorest populations. Antenna undertakes and participates in research projects in the fields of drinking water, agriculture, medicine, nutrition and energy.

The Foundation has a lot invested in the development of plant-based medicine, especially for the hypertensive: Combretum micranthum (known as the Kinkeliba) and Hibiscus sabdariffa (known as the Hibiscus), which are used in the preparation of popular drinks in West Africa. They are also widely used in traditional medicine to treat various diseases, including hypertension.

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Hibissap and Mikeliba, two natural medicines developed by the Antenna Foundation 

This project is an initiative of the Antenna Medicine program, aimed at curbing the hypertension epidemic in vulnerable populations, but also in Western countries where the demand for natural products devoid of negative side effects is in sharp increase.

The income from the products sold will be used to finance additional studies in the countries of the Southern Hemisphere. For antihypertensives, Antenna works, amongst others, with the University of Geneva, the University Gaston Berger in St. Louis (Senegal) and DIXA AG in St. Gallen, that distributes the products under the names of Hibissap® and Mikeliba®. 

Find out more at:

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