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September 2023

I am particularly moved to announce that the CyberPeace Institute has asked me to join them as an Ambassador for Cyber Peace.

“The great challenge for the CyberPeace Institute is to communicate its mission in profoundly human terms.

When you realise that 1 billion people on this planet depend on NGOs for food, shelter and access to basic medical care, and that these same NGOs are potentially the target of cyber-attacks by the worst criminal networks in the world, you realise that this Institute is at the service of the most vulnerable and the most disadvantaged.

It is a privilege for me to be able to work alongside its magnificent staff – Stépane Duguin, Vincent de Crayencour and Emilie Compignie – who preside over its destiny and who have managed to combine their human values with an unparalleled technological mastery when it comes to raising awareness and preventing anything to do with the cyber nebula.

It’s also an honour for me to be able to serve alongside them as their Ambassador, lending them my voice and my network so that they can increase and amplify their strike force for the Greater Good!

Thank you very much!

“We are an NGO that supports other NGOs and critical sectors by providing free assistance in cybersecurity, threat detection, and analysis, while advocating for safety and security in cyberspace.

A true scourge of modern times, cyberattacks carried out by these monstrous ‘shadow gangsters’ impact individuals, hospitals, humanitarian NGOs, targeting and holding hostage organizations that play an essential role in supporting the most vulnerable.

The mission of the CyberPeace Institute revolves around three main points:

  1. Assistance to NGOs: It brings together a cohort of partners, experts, and volunteers to help humanitarian and development organizations prepare for, defend against, and recover from cyberattacks.

  2. Analysis of cyber threats: The CyberPeace Institute collaborates with technological and cybersecurity partners to better understand the cybersecurity threat landscape facing vulnerable communities. It issues alerts in case of threats to reduce impact and damage.

  3. Advocacy for cyber peace: It actively participates in coalitions and international debates to influence the respect and/or development of laws, rights, and standards in cyberspace, promoting responsible behavior and accountability.

My mission alongside them is to raise awareness among civil society actors, on the one hand, about these risks, which most of them are already familiar with, and, on the other hand, about the urgency of financially assisting all NGOs in protecting themselves.

This involves launching the ‘CyberPeace Pillars,’ a fundraising program aimed at creating an exclusive community of businesses in comprehensive support of the Institute’s mission.

It also involves the community of CyberPeace Builders, volunteer individuals committed through their businesses to the mission of protecting vulnerable NGOs against hacking attempts.

Today, one billion people worldwide rely on Non-Governmental Organizations for food, water, shelter, and access to basic medical care.

It is these NGOs that urgently need our help to protect them!

The CyberPeace Institute now, more than ever, needs each one of us to continue its mission!”


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