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Fondation Barry

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September 2023

When we talk about environmental conservation, we also think about its fauna, flora, and more broadly, the values associated with a region and its cultural symbols!

Anyone thinking of the canton of Valais and the Martigny region will connect with the Grand St. Bernard Refuge!

An hospice whose vocation, for centuries, has been to welcome passing travelers, and which still today welcomes “pilgrims” and walkers in search of the absolute.

A place where man and the Saint Bernard dog have been life companions, both equally engaged in countless mountain rescues for decades.

The Barry Foundation of the Grand St. Bernard has the mission of preserving and perpetuating this breed with respect for traditions and the animal.

A major project for a Thematic Park is under consideration… its mission can be summarized in a few words: “to narrate the history and highlight the symbol of Switzerland, which is the Saint Bernard dog.”

My presence as a member of the Patronage Committee of Barryland Thematic Park will serve to “open new paths” of collaboration between key players and patrons of culture in French-speaking Switzerland and beyond.

I am convinced that new synergies are ready to emerge.

I’ll let Jean-Maurice Tornay, President of the Barry Foundation, the soul and cornerstone of this magnificent project, speak:

“The construction work started on 16.8.2023 for a total cost of CHF 24 million, and the budgets have been completely respected up to now. We are currently short of 6.5 million, and we are very hopeful of finding them. Indeed, the start of the park’s construction has a positive effect, and three foundations have already responded positively, but the final decision on the amount has not yet been communicated to us.
So, a huge thank you to you for sharing our request for help in all your networks!”

2023 Demande financement Parc Barryland FR pdf

2023_Demande financement Parc Barryland_FR

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