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One Nature Foundation

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December 2021
One Nature Foundation is a non-profit foundation that has been committed to the protection of biodiversity since 2008, through the creation and/or support of action and awareness-raising projects for environmental protection. Historically, the protection of Swiss pollinators has been a central theme, as well as water pollution and climate change. At the heart of its work is a commitment to listen to science, work with experts and involve stakeholders in the change towards regenerative and positive solutions for Nature and Humans.
Team ONF Oct2021
The operational team of One Nature Foundation, in front of the foundation headquarters in Vevey: Noémie Droux, Sarah Perreard, Diane Golay, Danaé Bataillard.

I have had the pleasure of joining the board of One Nature Foundation in 2013 at the request of its founders Olivier and Sylvie Ferrari. Sarah Perreard, director of the foundation since 2020, explains my involvement: “Dominique is an active member of the foundation board, which among other things allowed us to meet the founder of the B-Corp company BE WTR, for whom we have developed the Be One Water project, which aims to eradicate plastic pollution in our Swiss rivers and lakes. This project would not have been possible without the intervention of Dominique, whom we thank for her commitment and generosity.”

From 2022 onwards, the foundation is expanding and carrying three high-impact projects on the themes of biodiversity, solutions to plastic pollution and climate change:

BeeOneNature NsurB avec abeille
image Bee One Nature

The Bee One Nature project

In Switzerland, there are more than 600 species of bees. Unfortunately, the deterioration of our environment and the loss of habitats threaten them. The Bee One Nature project encompasses different programs to protect all bees.
image Be One Water

Be One Water

Every year, 900 tons of plastic end up in Swiss rivers and lakes. The Be One Water project aims to initiate change and find solutions to reach the goal of zero plastic pollution in Switzerland by 2040.
LOGO swiss drawdown plan 2
image Drawdown

The Swiss Drawdown Plan

With temperatures rising twice more rapidly in Switzerland compared to the global average, Switzerland is already affected by climate change. The Swiss Drawdown Plan aims to develop a plan to reduce carbon emissions and increase Switzerland’s resilience to climate change.


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