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Percussions Festival Lausanne

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September 2023

 « Dear Madam, Sir,

Dear Friends,

Alongside our friends Igor Ustinov, Pierre Lamunière, Pierre-Marcel, and Bart Favre, we have decided to support a magnificent initiative, the International Percussion Festival. This domain is the origin of all the world’s music!

It all began, everywhere on our Earth, with the sound of wood, stones, and drums. Jack Lang, who has generously agreed to be the patron of our festival, describes it here in a few very sensitive words…

“The International Percussion Festival is a global exaltation of rhythms, sounds, and colors. Through its original and captivating melodies, this unique event is a genuine universal anthem.

Carried by talented artists from all walks of life, it offers an exciting musical and melodic immersion. A true celebration of music, the notes and movements of percussion intertwine for a moment to celebrate the passion for music and surprise us with beautiful sensory experiences.
What a beautiful idea to return to the roots with the realization of an international percussion festival, which I wish a long life and success!”

The soul and mission of this project are to valorize the cultures and traditions of peoples and ethnicities from all corners of the world through their musical expression! It is also to welcome them here in Lausanne for three magical days where hearts will vibrate in unison with percussion!

A successful first edition took place in June 2022, among other venues at the Lausanne Opera, with musicians from Burundi, Israel, Afghanistan, Senegal, and Japan. The next edition in 2023 will take place from November 16 to 19 in Lausanne, with the Carillon Festival on November 11.

To make our festival shine and resonate even higher, we hope for your numerous presence at the 2023 vintage! And we express our sincere gratitude if you are also interested in supporting us as sponsors or partners.

Igor, Pierre, Pierre-Marcel, and Bart join me in sending you the best of our friendship,

Dominique Brustlein-Bobst
President of the Patronage Committee of the Percussion Festival»

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