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December 2021

Swiss Red Cross – health, integration, rescue – various services under the same umbrella

The Swiss Red Cross is the first and oldest humanitarian organization in Switzerland. We help people in distress in our three main focus areas: health, integration and rescue. We are present throughout Switzerland, with our 24 cantonal associations, four rescue organizations, Swiss Transfusion SRC, the SRC Humanitarian Foundation and the national headquarters in Bern. We also work in over 30 other countries around the world.

Syria women

Tiffany Circle – an international network of women philanthropists

Working on behalf of the Red Cross, Tiffany Circle is a network of women that supports humanitarian aid projects nationally and internationally. Following its foundation in the USA in 2006, then Canada, the UK, Australia and the Netherlands, Tiffany Circle has now been set up in Switzerland.

This wonderful initiative would never have been possible without the support of its two founders, Dania Samawi and Dominique Brustlein-Bobst.

Driven by values such as benevolence, generosity, compassion and dedication to good causes, Dominique is convinced that the world needs commitment and empathy from everyone, to meet human, ethical, social and global goals. The commitment to worldwide issues gives nobility to our humanity. As a result of some wonderful encounters, she accepted the role of founding member of Tiffany Circle Switzerland. Her commitment to helping disadvantaged women in Switzerland and abroad is particularly dear to her heart and she intends to use her experience and network to help make women’s lives better.

As a partner of our international humanitarian aid, Tiffany Circle has undertaken to provide help and support for vulnerable women in Syria, where the scars of war are still open and there is so much that has to be rebuilt. Tiffany Circle Switzerland will help with buying livestock, reviving family farms and teaching women to create their own milk products to sell, with the aim of making these communities independent.

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Meanwhile, in Switzerland, our aim is to develop a legal support structure to help migrants find relatives they have lost contact with during their journey.

Tiffany Circle is a network for and supported by women for whom giving means more than just making a donation. Find out more from our website:

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

Geneviève Bovet
Tiffany Circle Manager
Swiss Red Cross