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Beauty Will Save The World

In company of my friend Vincent Perez

" Beauty will save the world."

Friends of yesterday, today and tomorrow,

I hope you were able to take full advantage of the summer break to recharge your batteries, “disconnect” and “reconnect” during the summer break!
I’m delighted to be able to send you this newsletter to highlight some of the great projects I’ve been involved with over the last few months.

My website will tell you more about the whys and wherefores of my commitment… it will help you understand how to develop an activity on the boards of directors and companies which, added to pro-bono work on the boards of foundations and various NGOs, enables the best of all these worlds to resonate!

A “red thread” of the encounters that have woven my life, the Foundations – Boards Page sheds almost exhaustive light on the path I’ve traced over the last 30 years.

The News and Media Pages list all the HIGHLIGHTS and editorial notes I’ve written and published over the course of my 23 Newsletters, as well as the various articles, interviews and podcasts dedicated to my projects, causes and events over the years.

A special spotlight is dedicated today to the Projects Page … it highlights some of the many causes championed by the people and NGOs that have crossed my path, causes that I have made my own over the years, and whose common denominator is always a link with the Living – human rights, humanitarianism, education, social integration, disability, medical research, culture and the arts, support for the animal cause and the environment -.
I also reveal some of my commitments as an Ambassador, always linked to the Greater Good, to restore dignity, amplify hope and repair our planet.

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" Beauty will save the world."

A few milestones on my journey, made up of many small “seeds of beauty”, sown to help make our Earth a better place to live for all the human beings who inhabit it… a place where the values that define our Humanity are the compass that marks out the Way, a place where the vulnerability of each and every one of us can help new suns to blossom!
All it takes is a little effort on the part of each and every one of us … and awareness of the Common Good and Social Responsibility will continue to grow, thanks to all of you, Patrons, Philanthropists and simple Donors!

To all of you, THANK YOU for your loyalty and for all your returns, which are part of the great ALL of giving and receiving!

Dominique Brustlein-Bobst

… for you this inspiring and moving TED Talk, a few particles of beauty for the heart and soul!


2c911e9c c7ad b318 ebf1 428d89913216 Also active on LinkedIn, I will be happy to exchange ideas and discuss projects with you on the platform!

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