World Organization Against Torture

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OMCT has received in Geneva on 1 and 2 February its partners Philippines (PAHRA), Togo (CACIT) and Mexico (Frayba) to kick off of the initiative “Civil Society United Against Torture Which will last at least until 2020 will have a long- lasting impact on thousands of people.

The Organization World Against Torture (OMCT) – of which I am Special Advisor to of the executive director – has launched on February 1st  2018 a new initiative worldwide, which will uniquely mobilize its vast network of partners in dozens of countries around the world, to increase the protection of the most vulnerable in the face of torture.

In partnership with three organizations in the Philippines, Mexico and Togo, the OMCT will seek to leverage its impact by creating the groups working in Asia, in Latin America and in Africa. Hundreds of lawyers and defenders of the rights humans unite to better combat impunity in their countries by leading actions and coordinated campaigns for Justice. Thousands of victims will benefit directly or indirectly from this work and hundreds of them will receive not only direct legal support, but also social care and support.

While torture can affect anyone at any time, certain categories of people are found to be particularly vulnerable or subject to such abuse. The initiative will soon focus on contexts related to the flows of migration in Africa, violence done to women and children in Asia, and the abuse suffered by the indigenous peoples in Latin America. For this ambitious initiative, the OMCT seeks as well to create a significant and lasting impact for victims of torture across the world, strengthening the actors of the society local civilian who represent the real engine of change.