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“The podcast that brings donors and fundraisers together 💪

For this first podcast of season 2 of DONORS | TIPS, I welcome a special guest, Dominique Brustlein-Bobst, Philanthropist, Company Director and Consultant in institutional communication projects.

Grateful to the Life that has given her so much, it is obvious to Dominique that if she has received so much, it was to give more! Driven by Christian roots, – today extended to Buddhist philosophy and the “Wisdom of the World” -, she is intimately convinced that, when the humblest part of the WHOLE is suffering, the WHOLE suffers! Likewise, when the smallest part of the WHOLE is treated with love, the WHOLE is on the road to recovery!

In the light of these values, Dominique has been involved with many causes since the mid-1990s.

In this podcast, Dominique will tell us about her commitment and her role as an Ambassador. Thanks to her experience, we will discover how an Ambassador can be a real asset for a non-profit organisation.

You will learn more about :

✅ What motivates a philanthropist to commit to certain causes;

✅ What the role of an Ambassador is and what value it adds to a non-profit organisation;

✅ What are the elements to take into account before embarking on this great human adventure;

✅ How to identify an Ambassador for your organisation.

Dominique shares many tips with great presence, passion and humanity.

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