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« A man is what he does ! » -André Malraux

By their extreme simplicity, these few words perfectly embody what is the alignment between thoughts and actions, concepts, and their resonance through “doing”!


My newsletters aims to tell you about my projects, to entice you into joining them, or at least to make you aware of causes that may inspire you, whether in humanitarian or cultural areas, in medical research, sustainable development or respect for animals!

Perhaps you will become their ambassadors if they have moved you…!

These are 8 of my projects that are particularly close to my heart that I wish to present to you today!

Ce sont 8 de mes projets qui me tiennent particulièrement à cœur que je souhaite vous présenter aujourd’hui !

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A special emphasis is given to the Rencontres 7e Art Lausanne which took place from March 24 to 28, for which I have been very active this year!

Vincent Perez’s intuition, supported by numerous personalities from the international film world, to make it a place for meetings, debates, and exchanges on cinema, its past – in collaboration with the Swiss Cinematheque – and its future, considering the sustainable and socially responsible aspects of it, with the help of the canton’s major schools – EPFL, Unil, ECAL -, proved to be a huge success!

The first edition was hailed by the prestigious guests who came to Lausanne from all over the world, as well as by the numerous visitors and all our authorities! An excellent omen that will allow us to take up the challenge we have set ourselves to make these annual meetings for the “industry of the 7th Art ” what the Davos Forum is to the economy!

If I had to pick out one highlight – a very difficult task as everything that was proposed was perfectly faithful to the goal and the spirit – it would be the event “Parle avec Elles” “Speak with Them”, which proposed conferences and debates on the place of women in the professional world in general, and in the film industry in particular.

Organised by Women in Motion, Rossi de Palma’s remarkable and engaging testimony, an ode to “Women Empowerment” was particularly strong and colourful!

There is still so much to be done to ensure that respect for the human person is universally implemented! Whether it is a question of women’s rights, but also and just as much the rights of those who are simply different or weaker … the Rencontres 7e Art Lausanne are committed to this issue, aware of the global and planetary impact that the image – in all its forms – has on the collective consciousness.

As Musimbi Kanyoro, CEO of the Global Fund for Women, so rightly puts it, isn’t the “evergreen wisdom”, this sense of responsibility for the well-being of all, the only way to work towards a better world? This is mainly done by educating girls and supporting projects led by women!

Treat yourself to 14 minutes of the most precious time of all – yours! – to listen to her latest TED Talk!

Humanity 1

As CEO of the Global Fund for Women, helps support women and their ideas. She introduces us to the Maragoli concept of “isirika” — a pragmatic way of life that embraces the mutual responsibility to care for one another — something she sees women practicing all over the world. “Imagine what it would look like if you embraced isirika and made it your default,” Kanyoro says. “What could we achieve for each other? For humanity?” Watch the video

Another project led by women … the Ladies’ Lunch Lausanne!

There are still a few days left to register for the next Ladies’ Lunch on Thursday, April 26, in favour of the Coup d’Pouce Foundation, which manages and organizes collective leisure activities for children and adults with intellectual disabilities.

Invitation Ladies’Lunch du 26 avril 2018

Flyer Fondation Coup de Pouce
Bulletin de versement Ladies’ Lunch Lausanne

A few concrete examples, among many others, of human beings mobilized for a society where we DO by including rather than excluding … in which we choose to “consider” rather than “stare”!

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