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Best wishes for the year 2018

En compagnie de Denis Von der Weid, Fondateur de la Fondation Antenna

Dear Sir or Madam,

Friends of yesterday, today or tomorrow,

In this month of December, to you fly all my wishes on the eve of the Holidays that are coming, at the dawn of a new Year that I wish you enamelled with the small and great joys that make Life beautiful!

A bouquet of THANKS to you, always more numerous, who follow me and encourage me through the news I share with you!

A new chance for me at the end of this year, I have just joined the Antenna Foundation Board ( at the request of my friend Denis von der Weid who is the founder, the inspirer and the driving force!

“A new chance in the Antenna Board!

I am happy to be able to count on the excellent commitment of Dominique, who with her great experience in humanitarian NGOs, will greatly contribute to the successful evolution of Antenna.”

D. Von der Weid

The Antenna Foundation cannot be reduced to a list of actions in 20 different countries and 60 unique projects carried out by 500 collaborators … for more than 25 years, it has been implementing an avant-garde and revolutionary vision of research and dissemination of technologies adapted to the essential needs of the poorest populations, in the fields of water and hygiene as well as nutrition, agriculture, energy, microcredit and medicine!

A few facts and figures…

  • Over 100 countries benefit from the WATA technology for the purification of drinking water, with the support of the SDC (Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation).

  • Winner of the Swiss Solar Prize 2016, with more than 2’200 OOLUX solar kits distributed to 10’000 beneficiaries.

  • 70’000 children have benefited from a spirulina treatment since 2009.

  • The Green Elephant Group created in 2012 with the support of Antenna has produced 100’000 tons of Biofertilizers and 120 tons of pure spores (Biopesticides).

  • In developing countries, 80% of the population relies on traditional medicine. Antenna’s Research & Development has led to major advances in the treatment of diabetes, hypertension, malaria and mental health.

  • More than 220’000 women have benefited from microcredit in India since 2006!

As impressive as these few milestones are, only the minute dedicated to the short film …

… and the discovery of the 2016 Annual Report (click to open) will allow you to take the full measure of the work undertaken by Denis and his team!

Your INGENIOUS GIFT to Antenna’s projects could be :

  • CHF50: A 6-week spirulina cure for 25 children in Madagascar

  •  CHF100: An Oolux Kit for a family in Cameroon!

  • CHF150: A Mini-WATA, a device that makes drinking water available every day for 1000 people!         

  • CHF500: Contribution to the diffusion of a plant-based anti-hypertensive in Senegal!

  • CHF1000 : Drinking water for 10,000 people!

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Water, medicine, nutrition, three areas in which your contribution will make a difference. Make a donation to the Antenna Foundation:

Banque CIC (Switzerland) Ltd. Marktplatz 13 CH 4001 Basel

IBAN: CH39 0871 0038 2249 1200 2

Do not forget to mention the project you would like to support.

Through the altruistic process of giving, made more palpable in this time of GIFT, we allow Life to give to Life… 

For you, all my wishes of Serenity, so that these 365 days to live in 2018 allow you to concretize your aspirations and to keep your dreams!

Dominique Brustlein-Bobst

… to be able to continue to support all the causes that have mobilized me until today and to honor this new commitment within Antenna’s Board, I will be, as of 2018, Goodwill Ambassador to the numerous Foundations whose Board I will leave at the end of 2017.

My dearest wish is to be able to forge new links and partnerships with all of them in the future!

My website and my LinkedIn page list all my “official” commitments and many of my projects to date…

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… with my friend Vincent Perez, President of Rencontres 7e Art Lausanne

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