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EDITORIAL – May 2015

Philanthropy in the 21st century is no longer the charity we once knew! It has become professionalized, so much so that the economic and financial stakes, as well as those related to what is “socially responsible” have become vital. I wish to prove that a consulting activity with people – individuals, companies – who wish to call upon me to accompany them in the development of a “noble” project, is fully consistent with ethics!


I have been asked so often for advice on commitment – how and where to commit oneself in a socially responsible way – that it seemed right and necessary to highlight the causes in which I believe and for which I fight, those to which I adhere and that I wish to highlight!

The idea of a website was self-evident insofar as, in order to talk about others, one must also at some point accept to talk a little about oneself… consistency is essential!


Consistency and commitment have always been the two pillars that have defined my mission, on which I have drawn my energy, my motivation, and my strength ….

I felt since a very young age to what extent we each are a tiny, yet precious and irreplaceable link in the chain of humanity …. This awareness of our smallness, at the same time as our necessary involvement in the Greater Whole, has tirelessly pushed me over the years to commit to multiple causes, – known, or still unknown, – guided by the sole reason that in my eyes their goal was noble.


This is how I found myself associated with numerous philanthropic Foundation Boards, how I participated in many charitable events – often by chairing them – and how I finally professionalized my activities as a consultant in communication strategy and management of charitable Foundations.

This also led me to accept responsibilities on various Board of Directors.


Working with social services, as well as with decision makers and leaders of our world, on projects that are useful to the “Common Good”, and in close contact with the 360 degrees range of our social reality, continues every day to be an extraordinary journey! ….

To succeed in bringing together the links in the chain, to detect the complementarities and added values to mobilise them towards a useful, just, and necessary goal, is always an adventure like no other!

To commit oneself with discernment and coherence, to motivate others to commit to allowing a more ethical and united world, a more human “ALL”…..

Dream or reality?


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