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Towards new forms of social entrepreneurship

What I wish to spotlight today is social responsibility: the awareness that drives many of us to ask ourselves the right questions about the values that live within us, the desire to give more meaning to our actions – that which brings  an “extra soul” to both who we ARE and what we DO!

Emerging social awareness can be seen through the important and recent developments of microcredit. This concept has become familiar in relation to emerging economies, and is less so in our so-called “rich” countries where it is fortunately also practiced! A good “local” example is provided by the Swiss Solidarity Microcredit Foundation, which has enabled many Swiss companies to be created (

In the same vein, the term social entrepreneurship, which designates any form of enterprise that has integrated a process of social development in the broadest sense of the term, covers a relevant reality both in the “North,” and in those of the “South” (discover this extraordinary project carried out by Tibetan women and


The common thread of these virtuous dynamics is quite simply that of social responsibility.

This is a value that we can all integrate into our daily lives, whatever our field of activity or professional background.

It is driven by this sense of social responsibility, at the individual level, that many people close, or not so close to me, have been calling me for years, looking for “how” and “where” to be useful, to give of their time, of their life force! To answer their request, I always try to make THE appropriate connection, according to my feeling and my understanding of the expectations and possibilities of each one… the beautiful projects, the good places led by beautiful people are numerous!

I want to pass on the message that I am, and remain, a link between people, “connecting people” to quote the famous NOKIA moto, connecting ideas in the virtuous circle of social responsibility!

My current collaboration with Banque Piguet Galland, for which I am the “Sustainable Development and Philanthropy Competence”, allows me, thanks to the vision and values of its CEO Olivier Calloud, also integrated and implemented by all its employees, to validate this evidence that “nothing is stronger than an idea whose time has come”!

I would like to thank the SWISS WHO’S WHO 2017-2018 which, by asking me to appear in its pages among 1500 portraits chosen in all fields of activity, brings the proof that ethical and socially responsible commitment is and remains a sure and fully recognized value!


I am happy and proud to salute here the example of a young socially responsible company, SWIBECO (

It is obviously a choice guided as much by reason as by feelings … SWIBECO was created in early 2016 by my son Ivan, whose Law Masters’ at the University of Fribourg and a few years within the Altran Group were a springboard to an entrepreneurial career.

In a nutshell, is a Marketing and HR Management solution for companies of all sizes and fields of activity in Switzerland.

It is a web and mobile platform (Android + IOS) centralizing all the benefits, gifts and gratuities programs (points system: Swipoints) for employees beyond salary and bonus.

“Tailor-made flexibility and increased motivation for your employees! What interests us at Swibeco is not only its values of innovation and development of the well-being of employees, but also its desire for social involvement. Indeed, active employees on Swibeco will be able to allocate their points (received as gifts or bonuses by their employer) to a selection of charities in Switzerland.

Swibeco’s values are: innovation, development of well-being and sustainability. It is in this spirit that we are going to offer employees active on Swibeco, as of the second half of 2017, the opportunity to allocate their Swipoints to a selection of Swiss charities.

The selection criteria for the projects we will be supporting will be: help for disadvantaged people – mainly in Switzerland -, nature conservation, sustainable and responsible development and scientific research.”

SWIBECO’s strengths, if you are interested in this unique company in Switzerland:

First, its technology – White label web and mobile platform.

Customizable interface with your colours, logo, and internal messages to your employees. An API is available to integrate the platform with your existing tools.

Second, its content – Hundreds of permanent and flash offers are negotiated directly by Swibeco with recognized partners. Your employees will have access to them as soon as they register. Everything is managed by Swibeco to relieve your HR as much as possible!

Third, personal offers – Easily integrate your own offers on your platform -> Swibeco is your unique digital and dynamic interface for all your employee benefits!

Fourth and finally, Swipoints – Manage gifts and rewards for your employees in a simple and efficient way, offer them Swipoints that they can use to pay for their purchases on the Swibeco platform – You have 100% control over your budget and offer choice and flexibility to your employees!

Ivan Brustlein, Director & Founder

Swibeco AG Bellevueweg 14 CH – 6300 Zug T: +41 41 360 43 43 M: +41 78 764 46 40

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